Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Details On A Quality Home Inspection Atlanta

By Charles Morris

In life, there are not many decisions that will require you to make a substantial financial commitment, as the one made when purchasing a residence. A lot of money, time and energy are spent on the process of finding and buying a real house. For this reason, it becomes necessary to ensure that a quality home inspection Atlanta is performed before you can sign any papers.

You will need to get multiple recommendations. It is likely that your Realtor will recommend a few firms or individuals, but given that you are the one buying the residence, you have to ensure you choose wisely. Apart from asking neighbors and friend, the American Society of House Inspectors is a great place to check for names of local professionals.

You should ask for recommendations from colleagues, friend, and neighbors who have had an inspection done in the past. These are people who are in an excellent position to recommend professionals they have worked with, and loved the experiences. They are therefore people whose opinion can be trusted.

As a buyer, just because you will receive the final report does not mean that you should miss the assessment. Attending an assessment will be an opportunity for you to learn. A good assessor will insist that you avail yourself for the assessment.

Attending the inspection allows you to learn problems that are present, as this inspector will point them out to you. He will also inform you on whether they are a big deal or not. Unfortunately, not all inspectors are honest, and some will attempt to cut corners, which is another reason you must be present.

Another reason you should attend the assessment is because not all reviewers are trustworthy. Some will show up at the residence and look at a few areas before leaving. They will then present you with a report that does not reflect the facts on the ground.

In a typical residence, the seller will make sure that all utilities are operational on the day of the assessment. The same cannot be said for the homes that have been foreclosed. For such a residence, the buyer has the responsibility of making sure that all utilities are on when the assessment is taking place.

If the house you want to purchase gets its drinking water from a well, have the well tested for contaminants. It is recommended that you get the water tested, regardless of whether it comes from a public source, or from a well. Water testing can tell you about the integrity of your plumbing pipes.

Mold testing is also recommended. Houses that have underground water tanks should always be tested for mold. Specialist testing can also be performed for asbestos and lead. For this two, you may need to call in inspectors who are specialized in the two areas.

Make sure you go through the report once it is complete. Just because you spent a lot of time hunting for the right residence does not mean that you should take the assessment as a formality. Reading the report allows you to know everything that is present in the house, and which could potentially cause you problems.

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