Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Benefits Of Using Brazed Tools

By Cynthia Young

Brazing is the process of connecting two metals together using metal filler called braze. This process produces a very solid bond when the metal that is melted flows between the joint. Once it cools down, it forms a really solid bond. The metals that have been bonded are often stronger than that of the base metals. The good thing about it is that one need not to worry of having the metals deformed or melted.

Most people think that brazing is the same as soldering or to welding. However, they are very different in terms of materials used and the way it is being done. For one, the process is done at a very much lower temperature. Plus brazing can join or bond metals that are not the same in composition. Several brazed tools are available in the market today and many like using them because it is strong and reliable.

To ensure of having a strong bond after the process, the pieces that will be bonded must be cleaned thoroughly. Washing it with water and letting it dry before the process is a good idea. Next, applying flux to the surface must be done. Using flux limits the residue and oxidation once the bonding is done. The surface will be a lot smoother as well.

There are several advantages of brazing as compared to welding. While welding and brazing are very similar, they are also very different. For one, brazing is suitable for joining metals that are different. Take for example joining silver and copper. Also, non-metal parts can be joined to metals. That is why more and more are using this kind of method.

If you doubt that the bond done by brazing is not strong enough, then you are wrong. Brazing forms one of the toughest and strongest bonds. It can be very hard to break and the bond itself can handle huge amount of pressure and shock. Plus, you do not need for other components to complete the job other than the torch and filler. The process is very easy.

Convenience wise, people will find vast numbers of shops that are selling metal fillers. They can come in flux coated forms, wires, paste, powder or strips. It all depends on the need. Each kind provides different advantages and may differ in the approach of using it. One must know how to apply or use it before doing the process to ensure good results.

The growing popularity of brazing is becoming more evident in many industrial, commercial and mechanical levels, although not as popular as welding or soldering. Due to its easy and simple process, many find very convenient to do. Manufacturers all over the world are happy because the cost is less and post cleaning is as easy.

Brazing is a not new. As a matter of fact, it has been around for thousands of years. The only notable difference is that newer materials have been known and used while doing the process. Using of new generation torches and different kinds of fillers are more convenient to the way it was done before.

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