Sunday, April 17, 2016

Where You Need To Go When Visiting The Sunshine State

By Brian Scott

It is important that you go on a vacation whenever you feel the urgent need to unwind and get away from the stresses of work or school obligations. Equally as important is the destination where you should spend your holiday. When you want a really good time doing tons of exciting things, you might want to consider flying off to Florida, and there is a plethora of options for you to see once you get there as featured below.

At the southern end of the Sunshine State lies a tiny inhabited isle where you can experience the novelty of living the quiet island life. Far away from the borders of Big Sky, you will find yourself stepping into Amelia Island which is primarily known for their shrimp fishing. Be delighted with such charming sights like their array of dining establishments or their bed and breakfast joints.

Next, take a trip back in time by visiting a building that harks back to America during the 1600s. Marvel at the wonder of Castillo de San Marcos and get a newfound appreciation for American history and architecture. This attraction offers guided tours throughout the whole fortress and you will have the opportunity to take in the oceanic sights.

A common trait that can be attributed to this region is the fact that the state has the longest unbroken coastline in America. Because of this, it comes to no surprise that a lot of people go here during the summer season to log in some serious beach time. And of all the Floridan beaches out there, probably one of the best is the one located in Fort Lauderdale.

You would not think it, but the state is rather invested in space exploration and astronomy. The presence of NASA is felt through the Kennedy Space Center where space missions have been launched since 1968. Visitors are allowed to explore the complex which showcases a museum as well as a special rocket garden.

When nature calls, the state offers more than just sun drenched beaches. In fact, if you prefer a more alternative route with exploring the wilderness of Florida, you can do no wrong by visiting the Everglades. This astonishingly unique ecosystem may seem like a swamp, but it is actually a sluggish river that is home to a wide variety of wild animals.

Part of your travel bucket list should be driving through the massive thoroughfare called the Overseas Highway. Literally constructed over the sea, specifically the Gulf of Mexico, this iconic road also serves as a bridge between the mainland and the outlying islands. When passing through this road, take in the spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding blue waters.

Finally, cap off your Floridan vacation with an obligatory pilgrimage to the wonder that is Walt Disney World. Of the many Disneyland parks scattered around the world, this one is viewed as the grandmother of them all. Situated in the heart of Orlando, this magical place is the place where you can enjoy amusement park rides and get to have the opportunity to interact with your favorite Disney characters.

As this guide clearly shows, you are totally spoiled for choice when holidaying in Florida. Be open to other options, but the ones featured above should be at the top of your personal travel itinerary. Do not be afraid to explore new places during your fabulous vacation time.

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