Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Important Tips When Considering Investing In Bali Property

By Mary Moore

When you are looking at investment opportunities in homes for either vacations or living houses you should consider looking at the properties available in Bali. Investors are blown away by the various things that are available in this place like great real estate opportunities, gardens, scenic parks and sandy white beaches. You should ensure that you consider the following points before buying Bali property.

You should consider the proximity of the property you wish to buy from a temple as there are laws that prohibit building within certain ranges to the temple. Although there are houses and buildings that are built near these temples it is important to check with the banjar or local government. This will ensure that you will not face any potential issues when you decide to build a building later on.

The ownership of trees and also crops that will be present in the land that you plan to purchase ought to be established. There are some trees and crops that maybe present in your land but the produce from them is harvested by farmers. The crops that are mostly harvested by farmers are coconut and mango trees.

Building permits should be another important point that you should consider before making any plans to buy property anywhere in Bali. This is usually a statutory requirement for any building that is to be built in Indonesia and these permits are supposed to be prominently displayed. It is possible to start looking for the permits while still taking part in the sale negotiations.

Ensure that the house that you wish to buy is well connected to water systems and establish whether it will be from the system or a well or bore within the property. You should consider the amount of water to establish whether it will be enough. Electricity connection would be another important point to consider and you should consider whether it would be adequate.

It would be important to find a honest and reliable notary to handle your transaction in properties. It would be imperative if they are located in the same regency that these properties are located. Ensure that they handle every detail of the transactions over board.

It is important to consider the access roads that link the different properties in Bali as you can find yourself without access to your own land. Make certain that you check the roads leading to land to ascertain whether they are owned by private individuals or they are public. Private individuals might block your access until you pay them a certain fee.

If you have any idea of a foreigner who has acquired any properties based in Bali then you ought to talk with them. There are some fees that are charged by some communities to newcomers and they cannot allow you to join them without paying these amounts. It is important to strive being part of the community as it is an area that is focused on community.

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