Friday, November 25, 2016

A Detailed Checklist Home Inspection Services Syracuse NY Should Consider When Handling Foster Care Properties

By Anna Brown

The foster care systems are installed by governments to manage the less fortunate children. These may be orphaned, abandoned or those without any suitable parent or guardian. The idea is to provide children with the basic needs including education and a family setting as they grow up. Individuals looking to apply for foster parenting must have state home inspection services Syracuse NY officers visit their homes. After passing the inspection, the properties considered suitable are approved by the child welfare services. This article looks at some of the important areas to consider in preparation for the visit.

The building should have its structural stability. In this regard, check the foundations especially those of old properties. They should be free from evidence of biological damage. Also, the walls need to be free from questionable cracks. Check the areas around doors and windows. Any evidence of rotting or growth of algae and mold may compromise the suitability of the property.

The plumbing and sanitary facilities ought to be intact. The property should have at least one functional bathroom, with a shower area or a bathtub and a toilet. These must have the right fittings and most importantly, they should be functional. All drains in the property must be functional. Also, check the water supply system and the water quality. The water reservoirs must have clean and safe water for use.

Also, the property must have sufficient disaster preparedness equipment. This equipment can avert possible disasters or facilitate reduced impacts of the disaster. They include carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. This equipment must be functional and up to date as required by the safety standards in the state. Also, a fire exit should be installed.

There should be at least one bed per child in the house. The bedroom must have reasonable space and sufficient natural lighting and ventilation. Each child must also have some cabinet for their personal belongings. A study facility should also be available. A table and chair would suffice. Install a functional heating, ventilation and air conditioning system for the harsh seasons.

Issues of insurance are also a must for these properties. The properties must be insured. Also at least one of the adults in the property must have a licensed vehicle. The adult will be responsible for chauffeuring the children to school and other places. The vehicle must have sufficient space and all safety installations must be intact.

A functional home phone and phone number should be available when the children need them. Government officers must be able to reach the children and the foster parents. The children must also have access to the phone when the need arises.

Foster homes provide for the less fortunate children. The idea is to give them a family type o care and equip them for possible opportunities in future for careers. Foster parents must ensure that their properties meet the safety standards required. The property must be disaster prepared. It must have sufficient lighting, rooms and space for all the children taken for adoption.

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