Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Why Retirees Should Think About Deciding To Relocate To Victoria

By Marc McMahon

One of the cities with the fastest growth in all of North America is Victoria, BC. There are many features about this city that attract people of all ages, from students to tourists and families to those seeking a comfortable retirement. There are several things about this city that could be considered reasons to relocate to Victoria.

Relocating to Victoria is something to be considered by everyone from students to retirees. Students come here to take advantage of the education offered by two universities and a community college. Classes are available in many fields from transportation and hospitality to building trades to high tech. Research is a major point of emphasis at both universities along with work related teaching.

The real estate market in Victoria is hot with the average price of home running more than $500.000. If this seems a bit steep to some considering the area, there are communities nearby that offer homes for approximately half that amount. The metro is sprinkled with secure gated communities and golf course communities as well as a fair number of facilities that focus on caring for the city's retirees.

Victoria is popular among retirees. The weather is one primary reason. The climate is temperate year round with temperatures remaining well within a comfortable range all twelve months. The geographic location of the city produces an effect known as a rain shadow that means it remains dry and rain free most of the time. This fact is surprising when considers that the city is located on an island. Residents have access to a wide array of water sports and the city is a popular stop for cruise ships, which pumps a great deal of money into the local economy.

Healthcare should not be a major concern for those considering retiring to Victoria. The city is served by six hospitals and no less than fourteen walk-in clinics. Care is provided by 500 doctors. There is a state-of-the-art oncology clinic available as well. All care is managed by the Vancouver Island Health Authority and covered by the state of British Columbia comprehensive medical services plan.

The city's economy is thriving. It is based on a diverse array of education, government, tourism, real estate, and industry including marine manufacturing and construction. Tourism gets a boost from cruise ships making stops here and their passengers bringing millions of dollars into the economy. Real estate sales are responsible for millions more dollars coming into the region.

Those who are interested in a variety of foods will be pleased to learn that Victoria is home to the largest number of restaurants in Canada per capita. San Francisco is the only city in North America with more. While fish and other seafood are prominent, Cuisine from many different areas of the world is available.

Anyone who is concerned about personal safety and security will be pleased to learn that the city has a very low crime rate. Despite its size, the city offers residents the ability to walk down the streets after dark without feeling excessive fear for their safety. This feeling is another reason many people choose to move to Victoria, British Columbia.

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