Friday, April 21, 2017

Okeechobee Farms For Sale Are Great Opportunities For Smart Investors

By Edward Allen

Okeechobee FL is a small community located in the central section of the state and nestled just north of one of Florida's best known lakes. It is an area with an abundance of farmland. Ranchers, farmers, sportsmen, and commercial produce companies all have real estate investments here. The Okeechobee farms for sale are a diverse mixture that reflect the different kinds of farming that take place in this area.

Sportsmen and those who own and manage large plantations may be interested in a property that was recently available. It had an impressive hunting lodge, a large man made lake, and its own private air strip. This is a perfect location for serious hunters to spend a week or several days being escorted through the preserve in search of deer, turkey, quail, or waterfowl, depending on the season. It is also a place that would be ideal for corporate functions and social events. The sellers were asking about five thousand dollars an acre for the entire property.

There are usually a number of cattle ranches in the area being offered by local owners and commercial breeders. These properties are normally fenced and cross fenced. The topography is generally flat with lakes that provide plenty of fresh water for livestock. Paved road frontage is preferable with ingress and egress for trucks, tractors, and trailers. A five hundred acre ranch like this is usually priced around two and a half million dollars.

Row crops are also big business around here. Farmers plant all types of vegetables and fruits all through the year because the climate is so temperate. Beans, cabbage, broccoli and cucumbers are all grown very successfully here. Large acreage tracts are available with lakes, ponds and deep wells needed to install irrigation systems.

You don't have to buy thousands of acres to own property here however. Many large tracts are broken up into smaller lots of land for investors and others who only want a portion of a large ranch, preserve, or farm. It is not unusual for a residential estate to be surveyed out of a plantation in order to attract the attention of those with an interest in becoming gentlemen farmers. Of course you will have to pay more, the more improved the parcel is.

Location is important, especially if the property has commercial and residential potential. The type of grass that has been seeded can also affect the value. In this area, three hundred acres of prime real estate will probably run about nine thousand dollars an acre.

Florida is famous for its citrus production, and there are usually mature groves for those looking to expand their existing operation or get into the citrus production business. Development property is also available for commercial land purchasers and entrepreneurs.

Investing in real estate can be a great idea, if you are a smart and knowledgeable buyer. Central Florida offers many opportunities to purchase large acreage tracts for a variety of uses.

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