Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pet Friendly Apartments In West Ashley Are In Great Demand Among Charleston, SC Citizens

By Timothy Phillips

Pets are family members for a lot of people, and they don't want to part with them just to have a safe, suitable place to live. Apartment managers often look at pets and see problems that cost them time and money. They often decide to disallow animals instead of making the few accommodations necessary to attract tenants. The pet friendly apartments in West Ashley are an example of the kind of living most pet owners are looking for.

It may be hard to find an apartment building that is small and allows pets, but about half of the larger complexes allow certain types and sizes of animals. Cats are welcome more often than dogs, and large dogs are seldom allowed. Owners with unusual pets, like reptiles, will probably have to find other accommodations. Those with more than one pet usually have fewer rental choices. Most complexes require a special deposit for pets that is not refunded when the owner moves out.

Complexes that let tenants have pets traditionally charge more rent per unit than those that don't. Most renters are willing to pay more if their pets are welcome. The difference in fees is considerable in some cases. Apartment buildings with strict rules regarding pet type and size cannot charge as much as those that are more flexible.

People who have pets stay where they are longer than those who don't have pets. The average stay for a single owner is less than a year. If a renter has an animal, they tend to stay in their unit for close to four years. Since not all complexes allow animals, the ones that do are in demand. They have fewer vacancies which means they have to do less advertising and marketing. They also don't have to pay as much for the janitorial services required to clean out vacated units.

A lot of the concerns certain managers have about pets turn out to be incorrect. They cite the cost sustained by damage as the most negative aspect of allowing pets. Noise and complaints from other residents are also commonly referenced as reasons not to rent to animal owners. It is true that insurance can cost more per year for complexes that allow pets, but that cost is insignificant and can be absorbed easily.

When it came down to it, reports showed that there was not much difference in the damage done to an apartment with pets and one without them. Most animal owners recognize the value of keeping their units clean and neat and their animals quiet and friendly. Complexes that allow pets often have a waiting list, and managers can select the best candidates for their units from it.

It is not unusual for people living in restricted complexes to keep pets illegally. How many actually have animals is difficult to determine because renters are not always truthful when asked about any pets in their units. Managers will face this issue regardless of what kind of lease is signed.

Complexes that allow pets usually have residents that are happier and less inclined to move. Most animal owners make good tenants who abide by management rules and keep their units in good condition. Allowing pets can be very good for business.

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